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Gas Stations & Car Washes


Central Alberta Truck Wash with Gas Station & C-Store in  AB :   Asking Price $1.19M

* 3 bay Car & Truck Wash with Brand Name Gas Station with a Convenience Store located in central Alberta. All Over -Sized newly renovated and clean Truck wash with Gas Station in a 2.85 Acre commercial Lot. Excellent property and very high volume c-store sales. Newly upgraded equipment and Led Lights throughout the property line. Ask the agent for details.




Gas Station with Convenience Store & Bottle Depot in Southern AB:  Asking Price:  $2.39 M

* Profitable Gas Station with High Volume convenience store & Bottle Depot in one Property. The property is very well known Gas station with well organized c-store (excellent volume/ close to 2 million sales) and only one Bottle Depot in town. Currently the businesses are managed by the managers. Excellent opportunity if the owner and operator runs the businesses.




  Shell Gas Station with Franchise Restaurant in Southern Alberta : Asking Price :  $1.85 M                                                                                                                                                    


 * One of a kind Brand Name Gas Station with Franchise Restaurant located in a Busy Highway. The owner operates Gas station and c-store and the tenant, well established Restaurant with an excellent rental income. Well kept and nicely laid out gas station. Please ask the agents for details.



ESSO Gas Station, High margin C-store, Car washes & Subway in SK :   Asking Price:   $3.19M

Newly renovated Gas Station & Car wash and a owner operating Subway restaurant in SK.
The property has gone a major renovation, new pumps, new above ground tanks installed in 2018. This gas station is go to destination station in town and its' Highway exposure welcomes all tourists and motorists. The Subway restaurant generates high income and attracts the traffic. Excellent income package in One Stop. Ask the details.


ESSO Gas Station with commercial Card-lock and Restaurant with VLT in Northern AB 

Asking Price: $3.45M

Property has all in one package, retail Gas Station, Commercial Card lock, Franchise restaurant and even VLT (4/four) in the restaurant.  Also a Cannabis store will open soon. The property is located in one of the major busy cities of Alberta where the oil and gas industry is always busy. The Convenience store is well organized with items which are easy to grab and their Famous Franchise Restaurant is just another accent to the property. High volume store.  Ask the details to the listing agents.



Tempo Gas Station, C-store, laundromat and DQ Restaurant (tenant) in SK :Asking Price: $3.75M

Gas Station, Laundromat & Leased  Franchise Restaurant located in busy town of SK.
Highway exposure building with very high volume c-store sales ( one of the most high volume c-store sales convenience stores in SK), laundromat and a tenant, DQ (Dairy Queen)Fast food restaurant. Easy operation with long term tenant. There is a vacant commercial space which can be turned around to potential leased bay.
Ask the details to the listing agents.


Tempo Gas Station, Grocery Store,  Liquor Outlet and Laundromat in Lake Resort area in SK:

Asking Price: $4.99M

Beautiful Gas Station located in the upper hill of the town, with Liquor outlet, finger grabbing snacks and grocery items and laundromat. 
One Stop Shopping center, it has all: Gas, C-store items, groceries, laundromat and a high volume Liquor outlet. This business comes along with a residential property.
Excellent property and the high margin Food store in One Stop Shopping. Please ask the details to the listing agents.




ESSO Gas Station with Card Lock and the Famous Restaurant in Southern AB:

Asking Price - $3.49M

Gas station located in a busy Trans Canada Highway, with famous local restaurant( tenant) with 1 acre commercial lot included in the sale.
Owner operating Gas Station with a commercial Card-lock (Truck stop) with a famous local restaurant, excellent rental income and a nice property. Ask details to the listing agents.

Fas Gas Station with C-store and Liquor Store:       Asking Price:  $3.59M

Gas Station with a Liquor Store in one property. The Two separate buildings are helping each others' businesses.
Only one retail gas station in a town with very busy Liquor store. Easy to operate and well set-up store, must see. Ask the listing agents for details.



Amazing Shell Gas Station/ Travel Center with Liquor store,C-store,  Subway, Famous Burger Joint and Dessert Place in One Shopping stop in SK

Asking Price: $6.99 M

Absolutely breath-taking Travel Center with all businesses in one package, located in a busy SK  Highway.
Shell gas Station, Liquor store , 2 long term tenants with owner operating Burger Joint and Highway commercial Lot. 
Located in the main busy highway with newly built building, which has a Gas Station, C-store, Subway, dessert Place and Burger joint and Liquor Store.


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